Brook Street
Alva, Clackmannanshire
Scotland, FK12 5AW
Telephone: 01259 769638

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Scotland Facts

Capital Edinburgh
Largest City Glasgow
Official Language(s) English, Gaelic, Scots
Government Constitutional monarchy
Queen (of the UK) Queen Elizabeth II
Prime Minister (of the UK) David Cameron MP
First Minister of Scotland Alex Salmond MSP
Area 78,772 km² (30,414 sq mi)
Population 5,168,500 (2008 est.)
Population Density 64/km² (167.5/sq mi)
GVA per head £19,152 (2007 est.)
Currency Pound sterling (GBP)




Alva lies right at the foot of the Ochil Hills. The Ochil Fault, movement of which gave rise to the steep southern scarp of the Ochils, coincides approximately ...

As Scotland's smallest historic county, it is often nicknamed 'The Wee County'.

Scotland is derived from the Latin Scoti, the term applied to Gaels, people from what is now Scotland and Ireland and the Dal Riada who had come from Ireland to reside ...

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